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Welcome to the Optixcare Home Page.

CLC Medica is a Canadian company which created the Optixcare line of products for a wide variety of eye treatments for Veterinarians to use. CLC Medica is dedicated to continually updating, researching and improving the Optixcare line of products so that Veterinarians can offer the very best products to their clients.

The Optixcare products were developed to address the ophthalmic needs of the veterinary patient. Very few animal specific products existed and with the guidance and endorsement of several veterinary ophthalmologists, CLC Medica brought to market the following group of products: Optixcare Eye Lube, Optixcare Eye cleaning Solution, Optixcare Eye Wipes, Optixcare L-Lysine Chews and Optixcare Viscoelastic.

CLC Medica continues to assess market need and work closely with veterinary ophthalmologists and researchers to develop needed products for dogs, cats and horses. Our products not only meet specific animal health need but are brought to market with consideration of the economic needs of the pet owner- resulting in high quality, vet specific, economically presented products.

The Optixcare line is distributed in North America by Aventix and in Europe it is available through local distributors.